I’m a fan of the Jon Stewart Daily Show and I often take suggestions for the next book to buy from the guests interviewed. But this particular episode was exceptionally good; mainly because two pro-Palestinian activists (one Jewish American, the other a prominent Muslim Palestinian politician) were given time on such a popular mainstream TV show. Apparently, it wasn’t an easy road to the show. Reportedly, angry emails and phone calls preceded the show that the guests were worried about cancelation. Then, as you’ve watched, one of the guests shouted ‘liar’ when Barghouti said that Palestinians are living under occupation. Reportedly, it’s the first heckler in 11 years. It’s the first I’ve seen throughout the couple years I’ve been following the show. After it, discussions of the interview were abundant over the international blogosphere. Some condemned the criticism of Israel and others lauded the decision to give this often unheard pro-peace voice a venue. Here’s a good roundup of the controversy: http://chattahbox.com/entertainment/2009/10/30/jon-stewart-taking-heat-for-pro-palestinian-guests/And if you have the time visit Anna Baltzer’s website http://www.annainthemiddleeast.com/ or know more about Mustafa Barghouti http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mustafa_Barghouti

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