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This week, I met Lily Sussman when she came to our office for the interview featured in the video below. When she was traveling from Egypt to Israel through the Taba border crossing, Israeli border guards shot her MacBook because they thought it was suspicious.

The whole story is on Sussman’s blog.

Like many people, when I saw the pictures my colleague Jon Jensen posted of the bullet holes in her MacBook, I thought the whole the thing was a farce of some sort. The idea is, when if a security officer thinks a luggage of some sort is suspicious, their initial reaction I assume would not be to shoot it. “Here’s a bomb, lets shoot it” is a bit of a stupid reaction. And if the intention was to destroy the data on it, why did they remove the hard drive and hand it over to Lily afterwards?

I just don’t get it.

Daily News Egypt reports Jon Jensen and Ian Lee had sent several questions to Israeli authorities and all they got was the few lines displayed at the beginning of the video. I was hoping for a more detailed answer — not out of my journalistic instinct — but I was really curious to find out why anyone would shoot a suspicious luggage, and exactly what they found suspicious about Sussman and her laptop.

She’s in the process of getting reimbursed for the destroyed laptop.

And what I don’t understand is how speaking about this incident makes Sussman an anti-Semitic or prompts any of the insults and attacks evident throughout the comments on this video.

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