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Last Saturday, January 16, Abdel-Rahman Hussein took hold of his guitar as Mariam Ali belted out a couple of songs in her powerful voice to the lucky attendants of the Hannfaninha Gallery 1st anniversary celebrations.

Even though I’ve known Abdu for years, it was the first time I’ve seen him perform live. And what a treat. Like I’ve always heard, he’s one of the best guitar players. I’m no musician, but his skillful strumming doesn’t need an expert eye.

As for Mariam, many of you must be familiar with her voice now, having heard her on the radio (Nile FM) before. She doesn’t need much introduction; her warm voice literally speaks for itself.

And to top it off, the duo have an evident and delightful chemistry on stage.

Just watch the videos here. (I had to lower the quality of the second one to cut down uploading time; I’m still new to this video business).

And after you watch these videos and start regretting you weren’t there (which you definitely will), don’t fret. Both are playing tonight, Thursday Jan. 21, in Makan at 8:30 pm. It’s an open mic night, so there will be other acts too.

Be there!